Furniture for Your Cat and Dog-Lovers


If you are a typical dog lover, chances are you let your collie chill on the couch next to you (or maybe on you.)  There’s a reason our buddies are called human’s best friend:  they love to “help us out”, play active games with us, and being a part of the things we do at home.  Unless your dog companion has experienced a lot of stress, moving  or redesigning your interiors with is not much of a challenge.

But chances are, you are not just a dog lover; but like all kinds of four-legged friends.  For many cat guardians especially, choosing new furniture for human use can be an exhausting process as we carefully consider materials that are still of high quality, but at the same time, do not figuratively call to the cats to do feline things in its vicinity.  This means that wicker stools or other furnishings out of very natural, non-dyed, organic materials with a lot of height will probably be out of the question.

Other than that, the next step would be to make sure your cat feels secure with the amount of space is has to do cat playing, grooming, nail scratching on pads or cat trees, and other things.  This can be the case when you are considering a move as well.

A cheap compromise that keeps your kitties happy and off your things, is by using shipping or packaging materials.  We often use the boxes that come when we order natural dust-free litter or food online; once everything is unwrapped, you will have a cardboard box and (hopefully) a couple long pieces of regular brown packing paper.  All you have to do is un-crumple and re-crumple the paper a few times and place it over cat-friendly spaces.  Eventually, a friend of ours saved enough paper to cover half of the space in his/her place.  The cardboard boxes can be used to offer privacy over litter boxes, and encourage wild kitty tree marking habits.  Letting them get in touch with their instincts will make them feel secure and accepted as long as you’re their cat and dog lover.

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