Dog & Cat History


While our elders and Tom & Jerry tell us that cats and dogs are natural sworn enemies, luckily we have cute animal friends youtube videos to show them the truth.  Even though there are many differences between cats and dogs, this does not guarantee that both cannot be happy house mates.  Ideally, not every cat-dog relationship will be close friendship, but they should both be satisfied with sharing the same space– your home.

While both cats and dogs are domesticated from their wild ancestors, dogs had more active human interference in this process.  Dog breeds were bred from wild dogs and/or wolves for specific purposes such as hunting, security/protection, companionship, and even rescue missions.  In comparison, cats began as wild cats, and then people like farmers let them hunt the mice and vermin in the barns or other buildings.  Slowly over time, cats became domesticated naturally as they acclimated to eating some grain and living closer to humans.  In fact, if you were to take a look at a wild cat (now rare), you may be surprised to find that they are quite small in size.

Taking not only the history of all cats and dogs into account, but your individual cat and dog’s past is one of the most important factors in fostering a good relationship between the two.

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