Never Declaw a Cat!


Declawing will definitely cause more than just cat frowns.

As the domestic house cat is rising in popularity, and may soon replace dogs as the most common pet in America; we at Collie Corner want to take a firm stance against declawing.  Declawing surgery in and of itself is mutilation because it amputates your kitty’s first knuckle bones.  Could you imagine trying to live your everyday life with painfully deformed hands and arthritis just because your parents couldn’t bother taking the time to teach us house manners?  Luckily, many veterinarians in the United States are refusing to offer the surgery but many humans are still signing their cats up for this torturous procedure.

Many who claim to be animal lovers, think that it is impossible to train a cat.  But having extra scratching posts and encouraging them to use it will help.  For deterring animals away from the furniture, you can also put double-sided scotch tape on the corners.  Spraying water at cats is discouraged because it can foster hostility in your relationships.

If all seems to fail, there is even a humane option.  Acrylic nail caps are fairly cheap, and you or a vet can just pop them onto your cat’s claws.  So, don’t let your loved one down and do something that cannot be undone:  forego declawing for other safe and kinder alternatives like the ones mentioned here.

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