Let’s meet the Collie!


Ask an average American about Collies and they will probably tell you that they have heard of Border Collies or Shelties, but that is pretty much it.  The truth is, there are many different types and variations of Collie breeds, with the origin being located in Scotland and Northern England.  In fact, the term refers to a particular type of herding dog and many specific breeds do not even have the name “Collie” in them!  An example of this is the Shetland Sheepdog.

Collies are not small or large, but generally medium-sized dogs that range in weight from forty-eight to seventy pounds.  Tales come in all different sizes as well as fur types, although many breeds will have a distinctive white pattern over the shoulders.  The Australian Kelpie is an exception, but they are still beautiful nonetheless.

While Collie types were originally bred for herding purposes, today most Collies are not just working animals, but members of the family.  This easy transition from the pasture to the home is made possible by their ease of training, high intelligence, and gentleness.  They are usually not the type to be a guard dog; however, they have good watch dog habits.  If you are new to Collies or already have one in your life, we hope you enjoyed this article.

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